Choosing the Superhero Path

Almost every coach starts and sticks with coaching because they want to help people grow and succeed. But many coaches quickly feel lost in the shuffle, doomed to be “just another coach” doing the same thing as every other coach. The ambition is there, but the results and the impact are often not. 

So, what’s missing?

Somewhere in the midst of trying to run and grow a business, impact starts to take a back seat, and the grind to get new clients and keep existing clients takes over. Soon enough, what started as passion, has become a prison. No matter how well you’re doing financially, if you are feeling empty about the work, and feel called back to put meaning into the work…

The Superhero Institute is here to give you the path back to impact.

We don’t offer yet another business coaching framework. We’re not another method to organize your spreadsheet. We’re a methodology for helping transform you and your clients into superheroes, using your unique gifts in service of the mission that speaks to you. 

Once you become a certified Superhero, you will go beyond just business results for clients, and give them the tools to make a meaningful impact in the world.

as a certified

Superhero Coach you'll get...

a completely unique model

From you unique superhero name to our proprietary frameworks, there is simply no other coaching program that produces superheroes.

a thriving coaching practice

Our coaches get resources and coaching to grow their practice and a listing in our Superhero Directory -- where you keep 100% of the fees you generate.

a library of resources

We create and curate an extensive catalog of resources to help you in every aspect of your business, but more importantly, to help you and your clients pursue unlimited growth.

A Community of heroes

Want to make a dent in the world? Our online community is here to support and challenge each another to make the biggest impact we are capable of.

the certification process

how to become a superhero


Since the certification is a hybrid of in-person training and self-directed learning, all prospective must apply to go through the program as we have a limitation on how many superheroes we can train at once.

Complete Online Training

Upon acceptance, prospective heroes must complete the online training to learn the Superhuman Framework and accept the terms of the Superhero Code.

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Pick Your Mission

Being a superhero means using your powers for the good of humanity. While we don't prescribe what that means, we do require that you pick a mission and place your gifts in service of making a substantive change in the world.

Change the World

Once you've completed the training and certification, the only thing left is to go out there and change the world. You'll have the full support and backing of the Superhero Institute along your journey.

a superhero code


kindness safety equity


This certification was not created as yet another coaching program to help teach you how to increase your client’s profits.

That’s boring.

There are so many problems in the world that increased profitability will not fix. That’s what this is about. It’s about finding something worth giving a damn about and learning the skills you need to make your dent.

our mission

We’re on a mission to create a world with more superheroes. We’re training coaches to become superheroes, and giving them the tools to transform their clients into superheroes.

Together, we have the power to fundamentally change the world, one person at a time. Join us, and together we can do work that is meaningful, impactful, and that helps usher in a world that is kind, safe, and equitable.